It All Starts From A Meal

Loveseat provides high-end, custom-made dating experience in Hong Kong. In Loveseat we take utmost care to safeguard our clients' confidentiality and privacy. By listening to and understanding your needs, we help you find the right person by arranging one-on-one meetings. Chief consultant Amanda has extensive experience in love matching and countless successful examples, providing professional guidance for your relationship. Let us help you now. 

Premium Services

Premium Services

From matching to restaurant reservation, we will be at your service. Make good use of your precious time and handle every appointment well. 


We pay attention to privacy, your personal information is absolutely confidential, and will only be used for matching purposes to find suitable objects. 

Professional team 

We have a professional matching team dedicated to understanding the needs of our members, not only talking on paper, but also interacting with each other on a regular basis in order to achieve a truly humanized matching service.

How it work

Let us know you

Have a free consultation with us. Let us understand you in depth and analyze your emotional world.

We serve you

We will look for your partner according to your character and requirements.

Enjoy your dating

Meet your perfect match and enjoy your beautiful date.


Successful Cases

Our team carefully arranges each appointment. The following are two successful cases to share with you. If you want to know more successful cases, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Mike organizes the family again

Mike is a 60-year-old business success person. His wife passed away early due to illness. Then, he has no interest in anyone. After being introduced by a friend, he came to the company to meet with the chief consultant Amanda and found that Mike was deceased. Mike has been relieved after the meeting. Knowing to be kind to herself, he can reassure her deceased wife. After becoming a member, Mike has seen several female members. Finally, she thought that one of the head nurses was the best for him. , Mike also succeeded in proposing marriage and organized the family again. If Mike didn’t let go of his knot that day and came to the company, he would not find the current wife and a happy family.

There is no right or wrong in affection

Wendy is a young lady who has just graduated from university . She fell in love for the first time while in college, but was frustrated by her former boyfriend who was two-timer. Once I came to see Amanda with a friend. I had lost confidence loving with other, but after Amanda's rational analysis, she also became a member with her friend. Finally, she also met with a male member. There is no right or wrong in the affection, as long as you find the right person, and the right person can be found on the right platform, we are the right platform Loveseat.

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